MayDay, Vappu

There is a big event on the first of May in Finland. It is called Vappu. The day before, it is started on 18:30 in Helsinki. We went to Helsinki for celebrating Vappu. It was the first time I’ve seen so many people in Helsinki. At 18:30 on 30th of April, There was a countdown to announce the start of the event. After starting, every students visited Senate square to celebrate the event. Everyone put on white hat symbolizing graduation. It looked so fantastic and romantic. It was the most energetic appearance while I was here. We were so happy that we celebrated the event that is one of the big events in Finland.

Popup restaurant with Proporla

5c3a73d6-9436-4438-a58c-73f0131258ea.jpgIMG_0664IMG_0668IMG_06773379b744-4a6a-4a38-b3f5-8021aaa441f0We operated popup restaurant last Saturday with Proporla project. We made 100 vegetarian sandwiches and 100 non vegetarian sandwiches. Also, we prepared sausages and marshmallows. Finnish guys made homemade cakes and brought some juice. The weather was so nice and many customers visited us. Unfortunately, we couldn’t sell everything but it was so nice experience. We learned the importance of forecasting of customers prefer, cooperation, how to promote and so on.

Visiting Fazer factory

IMG_5510IMG_5533IMG_5513IMG_5574IMG_5519IMG_5575IMG_5576IMG_5577We visited Fazer factory thanks to bizlab. We were very excited to eat chocolate as much as we can! When we arrived there, we were surprised because of big rabbit that made of chocolate. After presentation about factory, we could eat chocolate. There were various types of Fazer chocolate! We had lunch in there by chocolate hahahaha. The factory is nicer than I expected. Especially, the gardenhouse was so impressive. It’s worth to visit there even if there is no free chocolate.

Lapland Trip

We traveled Lapland by timetravel under Laureamko. We have to take the bus for 13hours but it’s worth to visit there. At first, we visited snow castle of Kemi. We felt so freezing but we were excited. Then, we visited Santaclaus village! It’s one of what we expected. Unfortunately, we can’t meet Santa because the line to meet Santa is very long and we has no time. Although we can’t meet Santa, the mood of the village was so fantastic. Finally, we arrived our cottage of Inari. It’s little smaller than we expected but still nice. The most fantastic activity is Husky Sledge. It was very unusual experience and so excited. The scenery that I could see was also beautiful. We did cross skiing also. It was my first time to try! At first, it was very hard to walk but I could do better after some practices. We visited also Norway! We entered Artic sea and it was soooooo nice! We felt too freezing but we were proud of the true that we did it! Lapland trip was so fantastic. Actually, the reason that I came to Finland for exchangestudent is to travel Lapland. It was more perfect than I expected. I will miss the winter of Finland. Thanks to Laureamko and timetravel for this trip!


Viikko sitten Yrityslabran edessä oli pop up- ravintola.


  • Vihiksiä tuoreella salsalla
  • Maapähkinävoi-banaanijäätelöä
  • Keksejä
  • Sitruunalimonadia
  • Kahvia/Teetä
  • Tietoa veganismista
  • Hyvää fiilistä
Vihis banaanijäätelö

Keksit, maapähkinävoi-banaanijäätelö & Vihikset

Ennen tapahtumaa teimme kattavan suunnitelman, markkinoimme, tilasimme tarvittavia tuotteita, kävimme kaupassa, haastoimme muut Laurean kampukset pitämään vegaanisen pop upin ja tottakai valmistelimme tarjottavat.

Pop up opetti meille paljon uutta ja saimme hyvää kokemusta tapahtumien järjestämisestä sekä markkinoinnista.  Työn määrä oli suuri ja ehkä ihan pientä stressiä oli havaittavissa jossain kohtaa, mutta kaiken kaikkiaan huippu projekti!


Projektipäällikön fiilikset päivää ennen pop uppia

Itse tapahtuma veti paljon porukkaa paikalle ja 45 minuutissa vihiksiä oli myyty jo puolet! Näin suurta suosiota emme osanneet odottaa, yllätyimme positiivisesti!


Kävijöitä oli vauvasta vaariin ja osalle vegaaniruoka oli täysin uusi kokemus. Saimme kävijöiltä paljon kiitosta ja osa on toivonut, että vastaavanlaisia tapahtumia järjestettäisiin useammin. Kiitokset näkyivät myös kassassa, saimme lahjoitettua kiitettävän summan Vegaaniliitolle!


Iloisin mielin päätämme tämän projektin, mutta tuskin jätämme tätä viimeiseksi pop up tapahtumaksi!

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Say hello to our exchange students :)



Barcelona, home of art, amazing architecture and passionate football lovers, also home to Judith. In her city, Judith enjoys swimming at the beach at Villanova I la Geltrú and walking in the Montserrat mountains.

A must-see in Barcelona is Casa Milà, commonly called La Pedrera. This majestic structure with its undulating outer walls hosts many cultural events and artistic expressions. The building was commissioned in 1906 and became a World Heritage Site in 1984.



Tommy is a business student at the Lohja campus. He hails from Amsterdam, where he enjoys spending time with friends, and organizing parties.

Listed in his favourite places in The Netherlands are the Grachten of Amsterdam and Zandvoort. Zandvoort is a coastal town west of Amsterdam, popular as a beach resort. The town is also home to the country’s most prominent racing circuit – Circuit Park Zandvoort.



K-Pop loving Chaeyoung, is studying business at the Lohja campus for the spring semester.  Her home city of Pohang in the south of South Korea, is known for its iron manufacturing industry. The city attracts many visitors. For the new year, persons from across South Korea travel to Pohang to see the first sunrise. Also a major attraction, is The Pohang International Fireworks Festival in the summer. This festival attracts competitors from across the globe. Because she lives so close to the beach, Chaeyoung is able to stay at home and view the spectacle of the festival from her own yard.



Located just 30 minutes from Geneva, Switzerland, is Corentin’s hometown Annecy.  The picture-perfect town has great views of the mountains, and ample lakes gracing the landscape. The canals of Annecy have been dubbed “The Venice of the Alps”.  Embracing his surroundings, Corentin enjoys downhill skiing.



Alba lives in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, just 15 minutes outside Barcelona.  An ideal day for Alba would be spent on rented motor shooters with her friends, headed to the beach of Barceloneta Platja. There, she enjoys taking in the sea, sun and sports available. Also on her to-do list, is a walk through the main streets of Plaça Catalunya. The area is known for its fountains and statues and hosts many sculptures of the Noucentisme, Neo-Classicism and Avant-Garde movements.


An island girl through and through, Chantelle is proud of her home island Barbados. Located in the Eastern Caribbean, Barbados is home to the world’s oldest rum, white sand beaches, sunny days, great cuisine, and UNESCO World Heritage sites – Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison. A student at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Chantelle is studying for a semesters at the Lohja Campus. At home, she enjoys spending time with her small circle of friends, driving to the rugged east coast or swimming in the calm waters on the south and west coasts.